What Is Volvo 360° Surround View Camera?

The 360° Surround View Camera is a an advanced parking aid designed give drivers a digital birds-eye view of their Volvo. Using high-resolution cameras mounted along the vehicle's perimeter, the 360° Surround View Camera system makes parking a new Volvo car or SUV easier than ever before.

Each and every new car sold today features a backup camera as standard. This has undoubtedly made a huge reduction in parking collisions and accidents, but can only do so much. When limited to just a single rear angle, driver's can oftentimes miss hazards at the other ends of the vehicle, especially curbs. Thanks to the 360° Surround View Camera, however, Volvo drivers can park confidently, wherever they are.

A Digital Birds-Eye View

The Volvo 360° Surround View Camera really is something incredible, offering what amounts to a birds-eye view of your Volvo. This stunning visual is not taken from above, but is rather digitally stitched together thanks to a suite of fish-eye lens video cameras. Taking video inputs from the front grille, door mirrors, and rear tailgate, the 360° Surround View Camera system compiles them into a stunning overhead panorama. With this new technology you can easily navigate into just about any parking space, precisely, quickly, and safely.

New Volvo Vehicles With 360° Surround View Camera

The 360° Surround View Camera is one of most useful parking assistance systems on the market, and really has to be experienced in person. For 2022, 360° Surround View Camera is available for all new Volvo cars and SUVs equipped with the Advanced Package. For more information about Volvo 360° Surround View Camera system, or how to activate and use it, call us at (408) 758-5501 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. While you're here, be sure to check out more exciting Volvo features and browse our inventory of new Volvo models with the 360° Surround View Camera system.

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